Reneé Michele - pianist and composer

Reneé Michele

Pure Music That Pierces Your Soul With Light

Reneé Michele

IM Arts, 2002

Reneé Michele


Album Tracks

  1. Forever
  2. Crossroad
  3. Celtic Dance
  4. Sunrise
  5. Cotton Harvest
  6. Potrait
  7. Renaissance
  8. Farewell


Oregon pianist/composer Renee’ Jacobson has released a beautiful collection of seven original solo piano pieces. The styles are varied, but most of the tracks are quiet and introspective. Her playing style is elegant and classically-influenced, and the pieces are heartfelt. “Forever” is a gentle piece that sings of contentment and peace, with just a twinge of longing. “Crossroad” has the same easy pacing as “Forever”, but seems more questioning and searching - very lovely! “Celtic Dance” picks up the tempo a bit and offers an interesting rhythmic blend. “Sunrise” is perhaps the most serene and subtle piece on the CD. The feeling is warm and peaceful with the hope of a bright new day. “Cotton Harvest’’ reminds me in places of Philip Aaberg and George Winston’s compositions depicting the wide-open spaces of the plains states. “Portrait” is a very personal and loving tribute to a special person. The emotions are pure and open, making this a very touching piece. “Farewell” is a bittersweet closin that is “short and sweet”. The CD is less than 30 minutes long, but is an inviting introduction to this composer’s work and playing - a very promising beginning! It is currently available from Renee’ Jacobson directly by emailing her and at

February 2, 2002

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