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The Space Within

Imaginary Road studio, February 2019

The Space Within

Album Tracks

  • 1. My Angel (solo)
  • 2. In the Mist
    (featuring Jeff Oster - flugelhorn; Jill Haley - English horn) 
  • 3. The Space Within 
    (featuring Eugene Friesen - cello; Jeff Oster - flugelhorn; Will Ackerman - guitar, Hopi drum)
  • 4. Tabula Rasa
    (featuring Eugene Friesen - cello; Will Ackerman - guitar, Hopi drum; Charlie Bisharat - violin; Jeff Oster - flugelhorn; Tom Eaton - bass)
  • The Cloud Suite
    • 5. Aspire
      (featuring Jeff Oster - flugelhorn; Jill Haley - English horn) 
    • 6. Life as a Cloud
      (featuring Eugene Friesen - cello) 
  • 7. Montana Breeze
    (featuring Charlie Bisharat - violin)
  • 8. The Road Less Traveled
    (featuring Will Ackerman - guitar)
  • 9. Trees of Vermont
    (featuring Eugene Friesen - cello)
  • 10. Communion (solo) 

The album "The Space Within" is also available in a piano solo version.


Renee’s sixth album "THE SPACE WITHIN" to be released in February 2019 . It is a compilation of her most intimate pieces to date. The album was recorded at "Imaginary Road" studio with reknowned producer Will Ackerman and sound engineer Tom Eaton. Look for it soon on, iTunes, Spotify and Pandora.

Review by Will Ackerman founder of Windham Hill Records

Renee Michele tells the truth.

However remarkable her playing is, those prodigious talents are always in the service of the heart. Though it easily could, Renee’s ego doesn’t drive her. It is the soul of human emotion that inspires her and connects her with us in her new album, “THE SPACE WITHIN”.

Renee’s fifth album, SEASONS OF THE HEART, which I also had the privilege of producing, was celebrated in well- deserved accolades and reviews.The title track “Seasons of the Heart” was recently nominated forbest piano with instrumentation for the JPF awards. The album reached the # 5 spot on the Zone Music Reporter radio charts in 2014, setting the stage for great things for “THE SPACE WITHIN”. Joined by world-class instrumentalists including violinist Charlie Bisharat (who has recorded with Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and Beck among many others) and 6 time Grammy winning cellist Eugene Friesen, “THE SPACE WITHIN” will unquestionably bring her an even wider audience and further accolades.

~ Will Ackerman Founder of Windham Hill Records Grammy Winner Producer of 23 Gold and Platinum albums in the US and overseas

The Space Within song description

“The Space Within” - I found a picture my photographer had taken of me playing on my piano during a house concert. In the picture I was so engrossed in playing . While looking at the picture, I was both the audience and the pianist and felt the sense of myself within, while at the same time looking in from an audience perspective .

“The Road Less Traveled” - A reflection of myself looking back to my childhood to where I am now.. Taking the path to follow your passion as a composer/pianist has not always been easy. I wrote this last song for the album “A Space Within” a month prior to recording the at Imaginary Road with Will Ackerman; A magical experience for any musician!

“The Cloud Suite”

“Aspire” - I was laying on the grass looking at clouds one day while on vacation in Virginia and my imagination took me away of what it would be like to become a cloud with all of its trials and joys of being and becoming.
“Life as a Cloud” - Now that I am a cloud, I imagine myself on its journey and all its encounters and struggles to stay in this world and its final attempt to stay only to dissipate into nothingness and start the rebirth process anew.

“Communion” - In a dream one night i heard the bridge of this song. I got up an went to the piano and recorded it on my phone as in knew i would forget it in the morning. I spent the next 2 years finding the opening and sequential themes to give grace to the melodic gift I was given.

“Trees of Vermont” - I was in Vermont recording “Seasons of the Heart” while making the drive daily to the studio I was so inspired and humbled by the colors and light and overall beauty of my surroundings. I imagined myself flying over it all …. and my heart soared!

“Tabula Rasa” - Its all about forgetting past mistakes and starting a new and knowing you will alway be divinely taken care of. Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be will be).

“Montana Breeze” - A song composed as a result of a returning visit to Montana where i grew up. The memories of the simplicity of my childhood flooded me like a breath of fresh air.

“My Angel” - This is a special and personal song for me. While at the piano one night I was feeling that emotion of “Aloneness” we all get sometimes.. Only this night it was more than usual… This song was my conversation of wisdom and encouragement that night from “My Angel”

“In The Mist” - A musical composition depicting the essence of the Oregon coast with all its beauty and splendor. The piece was inspired by the photography of Russell J. Young and his photographic scenic compilation titled “In The Mist”.

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