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Seasons of the Heart

Imaginary Road studio, December 2014

Seasons of the Heart


Album Tracks

  1. Gratitude
  2. Seasons of the Heart (feat. Jill Haley)
  3. First Promise (feat. Charlie Bisharat)
  4. Eyes of the Soul (feat. Eugene Friesen)
  5. Follow Your Heart (feat. Charlie Bisharat, Jeff Haynes, Noah Wilding & Tom Eaton)
  6. Beside You (feat. Eugene Friesen & Jill Haley)
  7. Hearts Embrace
  8. Gone (feat. Jill Haley & Noah Wilding)
  9. Forgiveness (feat. Charlie Bisharat, Jeff Haynes & Michael Manring)
  10. Simple Joy (feat. Tom Eaton)


Seasons of the Heart album ranked in the top 5 of zone music reporter in 2014

Beautiful and emotionally evocative. Memories from all facets of our lives both bitter and sweet haunt the notes of this wonderful album.

Helmed by the team of Will Ackerman (producer) and Tom Eaton (engineer, mixer, album mastering) and recorded at the legendary Imaginary Road Studios in rural Vermont, Seasons of the Heart is the most technically accomplished and emotionally intimate album of Reneé Michele's career. The artist journeys deep into her memories, exploring recollections both beloved and painful—this is a world of deep-rooted reflection as the pianist (with assistance from a stellar crew of guest stars) helps us uncover our moments of "Gratitude" and "Simple Joy" as well as the tender feelings when "Hearts Embrace"
or the somber remembrances when loved ones are "Gone" or when we grant "Forgiveness" to those for whom we care. Will Ackerman summed up Reneé Michele's talent for soulful evocative music when he stated 
" The first piece Renee’ Michele sent me was simply stunning. It revealed a composer capable of brilliant and accessible melody and hands that had clearly matured in classical discipline. This experience proved to be just the first of many as I became acquainted with more of her work. As a producer, one dreams of encountering such talent. The recordings for “Seasons of the Heart” all displayed the same remarkable combination of rich melody and stunning technical ability. At the center of all of her work is an intense and very personal emotional connection to both composition and performance that is breathtaking to experience. Renee’ has 4 solo piano albums prior to producing an album with accompaniment . This is as powerful a CD with ensemble as anyone could hope for"
Will Ackerman
Grammy award winning musician and founder WindHam Hill records

Joining pianist Reneé Michele on the album are Jill Haley (English horn), Charlie Bisharat (violin) Eugene Friesen (cello), Jeff Haynes (percussion), Noah Wilding (vocals), Tom Eaton (bass), and Michael Manring (fretless bass).

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