A formidable piece of art …

– Michael Moryc – Matrix Productions
There are solo piano CDs and then there are SOLO PIANO CDs! – I think you know what I mean. In the latter category I give you “Honor and Grace” on Noteworthy Records by Renee Michele. This stunning collection of originals is truly inspired. The depth of Renee’s compositional skills is simply astounding! I think one of the renowned world class pianists of the 20th Century, Artur Schnabel, says it best when he was asked one time about what he attributed his great success to and said, “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes ah, that is where the art resides.” And . . . that is exactly what is going on in “Honor and Grace”. Every nuance of human emotion is explored as Renee evokes melodies that carry you on her emotional journey making sure to leave those precious moments to breathe in between musical thoughts. The raw honesty and elegance can be unsettling – in a good way. Believe me, it is a rare occurrence to find someone with her depth, sense of artistry, passion and grace. This, my friends, is a formidable piece of art!

Renee has made us a gift of her talent…

– Stephen Rasche-Hilpert _ Germany – Professional photographer
Of all the arts, it is music which touches us in a way that is a
wondrous combination of the subtle and the direct. Such is the
innate power of music: It forms and it evokes feeling, it can be
understood without thought, it touches and it moves. And it is home
and starting point for new art – be it interpretation or creation.
Music is a regenerating force. Both in itself and for those and that
which come in contact with it.

Renee Michele’s music has done all that and it will go on doing so.
Renee has made us a gift of her talent, has given those of us without
her abilites a vessel in which to travel to the horizons of our
imagination. It is a gift presented tenderly and yet it will resonate
widely and deeply into anyone’s life who admits himself to be touched
by true beauty.

Renee’s play is refined and profound, her compositions mirror her
melodic heart – for such a place it must be where these celestial
sounds are conveived – and though the listener may be lost in her
music, she is always the mistress of her creations and leads
unfalteringly. Renee dips her musical pen deep into the well of
inspiration and writes out notes to delight and to set minds free, to
let them soar to unsuspected height.

Though this music may to some seem perfectly suited for playing in the
background, I advise anyone strongly to listen to it with an acute
mind and an open heart – with the intention of comprehension; and as
an indulgence for your soul. You shall not be disappointed.
Every time a beautiful song would come on I noticed on my MP3 player that it was always one of her songs…

– Cary in Dallas
A little over a year ago I heard for the first time the music of Reneé Michele on solopianoradio.com. I really liked it. Every time a beautiful song would come on I noticed on my MP3 player that it was always one of her songs. Finally I decided to order her album Bridges . I loved it! Then I ordered her other two albums as well. I loved them, too! In fact, I love every song on every album, and I can think of no other artist whose music I can make that claim. I consider her “An angel from heaven who appears in the form of a beautiful woman who composes and performs the most beautiful music; whose human side enables her to experience, embody, and express the emotions and write the music that penetrates to those deepest recesses of those emotions; and whose angelic side enables her to write music to elevate us halfway to heaven, and there suspended between heaven and earth enable us to experience such joy, contentment, and serenity that is humanly — and angelically — possible.” I eagerly await her fourth album.

The first time I listened to one of her compositions, was a revelation…

– Robert F. Harrington
There is a relatively new artist on the scene, her name is Renee Michele. The first time I listened to one of her compositions, was a revelation. Her absolute mastery of the Piano is wonderful to hear. When I learned that she composed all her own music, I had to explore further. I am glad I did! Renee has a unique talent that amazes us today, and will in the future! Her Three albums to date are wonderful. Each one of them gives us an entry into the soul of a talented and special artist. Her compositions are personal and heartfelt. I consider myself privileged to have known her early in her career. Her special talent arises just once or twice in a generation. And we should celebrate this talent to the fullest. Renee Michele is an Artist that promises great music for years to come. Renee: your music, calms me, and restores my soul! Thank You!

Angels smile to hear it …

– Sigrid Brett
The pure sound of Renee’s music pierces your soul with light. If you close your eyes, amazing movie scenes roll through your imagination. I always paint with the inspiration these songs provide, and can’t wait for the third CD to come out in time to fill my gift list for Valentine’s Day. Beauty and depth, the best!

Awakens my heart and fills it with love’s renewal

– sheila stephens, meditation & writing teacher
This is my favorite CD to write to, which is high praise, for not all music can lift the spirit into the creative zone, which, all at once, seeks and uncovers, heals and then magnificently expands the spirit into a whole new place. The nice thing is that Renee is not surprised that we go there, and partners with us in our steps of transcendence – and love.


– angela
Absolutely loved it! Exudes positive and loving energy that carries the listener on a healing journey. Truly in the spirit of healing energy channeled through music! Highly recommended for anyone looking to heal their heart, release stress and relax. Renee is an amazingly gifted artist!

Bridges makes the piano come to life! What a pleasure, so moving.

– Susi Grant
Renee’s Bridges CD is so beautifully moving. The piano speaks to me in every song. What a gift to just sit down, close you eyes, and take in the soothing, healing sounds. It sounds like music from somewhere else. I never tire of hearing this music.


– Jewel McHenry Atkins
Renée, this is lovely! I am glad you are still playing. I am buying this for my daughter Rachel. She is nine and will love it!

Bridges – Soothing piano music!

– Kathy Parsons
“Bridges” is Renee’ Michele’s second collection of original piano solos, and what a beauty it is! The music was inspired by meditation, “reflecting the healing energy from the heart to the soul.” The music is warm, thoughtful, and very soothing, giving the listener something of an emotional massage. Far from falling into the category of ear-candy, Renee’ Michele’s music can stay comfortably in the background, but is beautiful and substantial enough to invite deep and focused listening. Both classical and contemporary in style, this is wonderful piano music on several different levels. The CD opens with “That look … that smile,” a gentle and yet passionate love song. A simple and sincere melody is accompanied with a rolling left hand that gives it grace and elegance. “Bridges (always)” continues in an introspective mood coupled with a feeling of longing and nostalgia – very beautiful! “The Journey” is my favorite track. A bit more mysterious and a little dark, this is also a deeply emotional piece. There is a sense of searching and looking inward, but also of reaching out. “Safe Harbor” follows, bringing us back to a feeling of peace and contentment. “Far Away” is another favorite – kind of sad and wistful. “Waiting” has a the feeling of a late-night soliloquy at the piano – musical musings while dealing with emotions. “Forever” closes the set as it opened, with a sweet love song. “Bridges” is a very calming and satisfying musical experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Recommended!

Bridges makes the piano come to life! What a pleasure, so moving.

– Susi Grant
Renee’s Bridges CD is so beautifully moving. The piano speaks to me in every song. What a gift to just sit down, close you eyes, and take in the soothing, healing sounds. It sounds like music from somewhere else. I never tire of hearing this music.

Honor and Grace A Great CD!

– Kathy Parsons

“Honor and Grace” is pianist/composer Renee’ Michele’s third album to date, and what a beauty it is! The eight original piano solos range from very introspective to dancing and carefree, but most of the album is quiet and deeply emotional. The pieces range from just under four minutes to almost seven, so the music is leisurely and has time to evolve and develop. The music is melodic and very easy to listen to, and its classical roots offer substance as well as gentle beauty. A bonus is that the CD recorded on a wonderful piano that has a very rich and expressive sound. What more could a piano lover ask for? The CD begins with “Grace,” an elegant and passionate piece that is tinged with melancholy – a lovely and heartfelt start! “Angel’s Kiss” continues in a quiet voice that conveys deep emotion. “Shadow’s Light” goes farther inward and is more reflective, bordering on sad, while remaining hopeful and effectively illustrating the contrast between the shadow and light of the title. This is my favorite piece on the album. “The Knight” changes moods altogether, entering at a moderate gallop and becoming more dance-like and energetic – a bit of fun between the more “serious” pieces. “Remembrance” is nostalgic and full of longing, conveying a sense of loss – exceptionally personal and intimate. “Ame Perdue” (“Lost Soul”) conveys more empathy than sorrow. Again coming from a very emotional place, hope and solace are offered rather than darkness and loss. “Soliloquy” is another favorite. The title refers to a moment of aloneness when the truth is spoken, and that is just what this piece sounds like – total openness and clarity. Its gentle rolling rhythm carries the emotion and understanding that emanate from the melody. “My Prayer” is also emotionally candid and hopeful, trusting that grace will handle life’s ups and downs. Despite its quiet tone, “Honor and Grace” is full of deeply emotional music that comes from the composer’s heart and goes straight to the listener’s heart. Renee’ Michele has made very dramatic strides with each album, and this one definitely needs to be heard! Very highly recommended!
Absolutely Captivating – Timeless

– Margauxsky’s review of Renee’s Albums at MP3.com
Renee’ Michele’s music is absolutely captivating. Imagine every beautiful, romantic fairy tale and imagery that has ever crossed your mind in every creative moment you’ve ever had and imagine you’ve asked her to paint it all in music for you.
Renee’ Michele
Renee Michele’s music is not only timeless but gripping, haunting, and breathless. It is stunning and beautiful. Renaissance is gorgeous. There is little need to expound on the beauty of her music once you hear it. Her music will capture you and you will want no release from it.

The first piece Renee Michele sent me was simply stunning. It revealed a composer capable of brilliant and accessible melody and hands that had clearly matured in classical discipline. This experience proved to be just the first of many as I became acquainted with more of her work. As a producer, one dreams of encountering such talent. The recordings for “Seasons of the Heart” all displayed the same remarkable combination of rich melody and stunning technical ability. At the center of all of her work is an intense and very personal emotional connection to both composition and performance that is breathtaking to experience. This is as powerful a debut as anyone could hope for.

Will Ackerman

Windham County, Vermont