Music began for me at the age of five playing in front of an old Zenith record player. I enjoyed singing along to the 45’s of my parent’s favorite songs. I memorized the words to “The Blue Skirt Waltz” and went around to familiar neighbors asking if I could sing for them. It was a good way to earn Popsicle money by combining my first love…. music, with my very first paying job. Growing up in the plains area of Great Falls, Montana was a simple time in life; long before high tech gadgets children have now. My creative spirit energized my imagination and I enjoyed many hours exploring our old upright piano. I spent so much time playing the keys, listening to every note and the vibrations of the strings that my parents finally arranged piano lessons.

I didn’t know at the time that this would be the greatest gift I would receive over the next decade of my life.

My teacher’s name was May Carol Zeman and she was considered as one of the best piano teachers in the area. In the beginning, she frightened me because I was shy. Learning to read music was extremely challenging for me. Eventually, my quiet nature learned to express thoughts and feelings through the music and I escaped into the joy of this new world every day. Playing the same song constantly for hours influenced my parents to move our piano into the basement. In my private little world I practiced and practiced.

I improved over time and continued with lessons through high school, playing Rachmaninoff and Debussy as favorites. During a final lesson with my teacher May Carol, she told me that out of all of her students over the years, she believed that I had a gifted touch and could express the soul of a song.

My relationship with this dedicated teacher and mentor has been the most valuable and meaningful of my life. May Carol Zeman left this world when I was 27 years old. I think of her often with gratitude, wishing she could have heard the music of her legacy. We touched and exchanged hearts through our shared love of the piano. I feel her generous spirit continues on through me, and the inspired compositions I create for others.

I majored in music and later added a degree in Occupational therapy later. This combination provided unique insight and experience that gradually led to teaching piano to children with special needs and developmental challenges. As an Occupational therapist and experienced piano teacher, I was able to adapt teaching strategies with the learning process to allow the natural ability of an autistic child to learn to play piano and later play in the school talent show. It is the hope of every parent to help their children develop to their full potential. I absolutely love what I do!.

I spend quiet times in the studio with my Bösendorfer, lights turned off, composing by candlelight. I begin playing and building upon whatever musical motif my muse may inspire in that moment. I realized long ago that I needed to play piano as much as I need to breathe air. I’ve been writing music for the past twenty years but never recorded them until recently. I don’t know why I waited so long to fulfill my dream. I hope that I am able to convey the passion, love and intensity within the music to everyone listening.

I sincerely appreciate the compliments and input from everyone expressing how my songs make them feel, or have helped them in some way. Thank you for sharing the passion of this journey with me. I know that the best is still to come!